Keep Boxelder Bugs Out of Your House

Keep Boxelder Bugs Out of Your House

These irritating bugs might try to sneak into your home during winter

McGraw Pest Control, LLC knows what to do to get rid of the hordes of boxelder bugs that collect in and around your house. These bugs look like cockroaches, but instead of brown their wings are black and red. They come down from the trees and invade your house, crawling beneath your siding and into any cavities in your home.

The only way to send boxelders packing is to spray the entire house. We’ll carry out this procedure in a flash so you can get back to relaxing in a bug-free environment.

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Don’t worry, boxelder bugs don’t bite

While these pests can be irritating, they don’t actually pose a threat like spiders and some ants. They don’t bite or sting. They don’t carry disease, and they won’t eat your food.

The problem with boxelder bugs is simply their numbers and annoying presence. They gather in your home and can stain walls, curtains and upholstery.

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