Reclaim Your Home From Pests

Don't let your house be overrun by bugs and mice

Do you have to wipe ants off the counter before you can enjoy your morning coffee? Do you warn employees at your office to keep their drawers free of food so as not to attract mice? Exterminators at McGraw Pest Control, LLC know all about the struggles of dealing with an infestation.

We've been getting rid of ants, spiders and rodents for over three years now. Recently, we started eliminating termites as well and we take care of the boxelder bug . We know the pitfalls and precautions involved when trying to control pests like these.

Call 563-543-0175 today to get a free estimate on extermination services.

Pest Control Dubuque, IA

Kick out those uninvited guests in your kitchen.

Pest Control Dubuque, IA

Stop sharing your shower stall with spiders.

Pest Control Dubuque, IA

Say goodbye to scurrying sounds through the night.

Roach Control

Don't share your home with creepy insect invaders.

Get a break from bugs without breaking the bank

You won't find a more affordable pest control service than McGraw Pest Control. If you do, we'll beat their price by at least 10%. We're trying to run the bugs out of house and home- not you.

We're dedicated to removing bugs from your home or business and making sure they don't come back. Our extermination services extend to cover:

  • Pesky ants, which can chew through wood and trigger allergies
  • Dangerous spiders, like the black widow and brown recluse
  • The Boxelder bugĀ 
  • Disease-carrying mice and rats

As soon as you spot a bug in your home, call McGraw Pest Control so we can stop the infestation before it takes hold.

Why you should hire an exterminator

Some bugs are just nuisances, but others can pose a threat to your health and safety. Stopping the problem before it gets worse is the best way to get things back to normal.

If you call McGraw Pest Control right now, you won't have to keep worrying about waking up with mysterious bites. You won't lie awake at night stressing about boxelder bugs and spiders, and you won't have to check inside your shoes every morning before you put them on.

Contact us now and say goodbye to your pest problems once and for all.

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