Get Rid of Rodents

Get Rid of Rodents

Remove rats from your house

When you call McGraw Pest Control, LLC to eliminate rats from your home, we’ll come to your property and get to work right away. We put traps inside your house and bait boxes outside. You don’t have to worry about the traps once they’re in. They’ll catch mice and rats, but we’ll make sure they’re safe to have around children and dogs.

Rats are usually found along with mice, but they aren’t the same. While mice tend to be curious, rats are more cautious. That’s why it takes some time for them to investigate rat traps, while mice will go for traps right away.

One thing mice and rats have in common: you don’t want them in your home. Call now to schedule a time for us to visit your home and devise a solution to your rodent problem.

Stop mice from scurrying around your home

Mice in fairytales make beautiful gowns for princesses, but mice in your home act a little differently. They can wreak havoc across your house by:

  • Gnawing holes in insulation and food bags
  • Leaving droppings strewn everywhere
  • Making nests in old papers and neglected materials

Eliminate mice from your house by calling McGraw Pest Control today.